External Wall Cladding

Throughout globe, trend is shifting to usage of Glass, Stone and HPL for exterior cladding. Wood and stone, though add a natural aesthetic and rich look, pose challenges to use in exterior façade.

High Pressure Laminate as EXTERNAL WALL CLADDING has visual appeal of Wood/stone and can effectively withstand the challenges of exterior use. It takes care of application blues, without compromising on creativity.

HPL as External Wall Cladding is an ideal choice for :

    Fast and non-messy job even in case of renovation,
    Can be done on existing surface,
    Dry cladding,
    Brings a naturally aesthetic and rich look to exterior/interior façade,
    Cost effective in comparison to many other alternates,
    Light weight so doesn’t add to structural weight, can be easily used in ceilings as well,
    Available in hundreds of designs. It requires minimal maintenance and offers high value for investment.

In comparison to conventional wall coverings e.g. paint/stone/tile/ACP, HPL gives a surface that is colour-fade resistant and has a high resistance to damage.

It can be supplied in required quantities: also matching grain/shade is never a problem, allowing scope for future expansion of the structure.